Participation in the International Health Qigong Competition



  Recently, the 5th China International Health Qigong Expo and the 1st National Health Qigong · Five Animal Play Exchange Competition were held in Bozhou, Anhui Province in 2023. A total of 36 teams from 18 countries including China, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, and India participated. Our school's international students formed a team for the first time and won two second prizes in the Ba Duan Jin individual competition, one third prize in the Five Animal Play individual competition, one third prize in the Ba Duan Jin group competition, and one third prize in the Five Animal Play group competition.


Under the meticulous organization of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the guidance of Coach Dong Yongli from the School of Teacher Education, the international students gave up their summer vacation time and embarked on rigorous and systematic training from scratch despite the scorching heat. During the competition, accompanied by simple and beautiful melodies, the international students performed gracefully and dynamically, demonstrating the unique charm of Health Qigong.



This participation not only deepened their understanding of Health Qigong and Chinese traditional culture but also allowed them to meet Health Qigong enthusiasts from different countries, establishing bridges of friendship. After the competition, Peng Fei, an international student from Ghana, said, Practicing the Five Animal Play and Ba Duan Jin has benefited me a lot. I will continue to practice Health Qigong with my classmates and friends in the future, bringing Chinese traditional culture back to my hometown.


It is understood that this is the first time our school's international students have formed a team to participate in an international competition. Their wonderful performance has brought honor to the school, showcasing the strength and elegance of our school's international education on the international stage.