Application Fee



Chinese   Language   Program(Non-degree)

9,000   RMB per year  

Undergraduate   Programs

9, 000   RMB per year 

Book Fee

This fee is not included in the tuition and shall be self-funded by students according to the requirements of their respective majors. Typically around RMB 500 per year.


800 RMB per year


35, 00  RMB per year bed   (Double Room)

Visa Cost

ABOUT   800 RMB per year

Health Examination

ABOUT   400 RMB per test

Living Expenses

Approximately RMB 2,000 per month


1)Admitted degree students are required to pay annual fees, while language students pay fees based on their study duration. Insurance fees shall be settled within three days after the student's arrival in China upon passing the medical examination. Accommodation fees shall be settled within two weeks from the registration date. Once registered, tuition fees are non-refundable if students transfer or withdraw midway through the semester, while accommodation fees may be refunded based on actual occupancy.

2)According to the regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Education, international students studying at our university shall purchase comprehensive medical insurance for international students in mainland China annually. Students who fail to purchase the required comprehensive medical insurance on time shall not be registered by the school.

3) As for nursing major, the nursing uniform fee is approximately RMB 120.