The international student enrollment of Lishui University adopts the Application-evaluation System, which is comprehensively evaluated according to the applicant’s achievements and other qualification certificates.


(1) Basic conditions

Applicants from overseas seeking admission to our undergraduate programs and long-term study programs shall meet the following criteria simultaneously:


a. Applicants shall hold foreign citizenship, possess a foreign passport, and demonstrate goodwill towards China.

b. Applicants should have an academic qualification or certificate equivalent to graduating from a Chinese senior high school and be under the age of 25.

c. Applicants should have proper moral conduct and shall provide a recent Certificate of No Criminal Record issued within the last three months, along with a school performance evaluation (certificate).

d. Applicants should have the financial capacity to study and live in China, providing a creditworthiness certificate of no less than RMB 35,000 and bank statements from the past six months.

e. Applicants shall be in good health and provide a recent Certificate of Health Examination issued within the last three months, applicable for visa processing.


(2) Specific conditions

Applicants for undergraduate programs shall also meet the following conditions:


a. Applicants shall provide transcripts equivalent to the Chinese National University Entrance Examination (Gaokao), meeting the following criteria:

a1.Grades of subjects rated D or above should not be less than 70%.

a2.Applicants for English-taught programs shall provide proof of passing internationally recognised English proficiency tests.

a3.For applicants to the Nursing Science, individual grades in chemistry or biology shall not be lower than C.

a4.For applicants to the Computer Science and Technology program, individual grades in mathematics or physics shall not be lower than C.