BEng (Hons.) Computer Science & Technology



The Computer Science and Technology program boasts a faculty team led by doctoral instructors with a reasonable structure in terms of education, professional titles, age, and academic background, showing innovation and development potential. The teaching team consists of 9 full-time instructors, including 2 professors and 7 associate professors and lecturers, with 7 members holding doctoral degrees. Among them, 5 teachers have overseas experience, and 2 have been recognised as talents in Lishui City.


The program aims to cultivate high-level engineering and technical personnel engaged in computer science and technology research, computer application system design and development, as well as teaching and management related to computer science and technology. Graduates are expected to possess the necessary natural science and humanities and social science literacy, a solid and broad foundation in engineering technology, systematic professional knowledge, and strong practical abilities.


Core Courses of Computer Science and Technology (Taught in English):

Programming Languages, Computer Principles, Introduction to Computer Software, Algorithm Analysis and Implementation, Database and Applications, Computer Networks, Website System Development, Software Engineering, Management Information System Development, etc.