BEc (Hons.) International Economics and Trade


The International Economics and Trade department comprises a teaching team led by academic leaders with a balanced structure in terms of education, professional titles, age, and academic background, demonstrating innovation and development potential. The faculty consists of 12 full-time instructors, including 3 professors and 9 lecturers, with 5 members holding doctoral degrees and 2 currently pursuing doctoral studies.


The program aims to equip students with fundamental theories and skills in international economics and trade, familiarizing them with international trade rules, conventions, and Chinese foreign trade policies and regulations. It seeks to cultivate applied and innovative professionals capable of engaging in international economic and trade activities and management.


Core Courses of International Economics and Trade (Taught in English):

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade Theory, International Trade Practice, International Business, International Finance, International Settlement, International Logistics, International Commercial Law, International Business Documents, International Business Negotiation, etc.