Study Tour Activity in Suichang



To deepen LSUers’ understanding and identification with Chinese rural areas, promote cultural exchange, and mutual learning, The International Cooperation and Exchange Office of our school organized international students to participate in the study tour activity, where they engaged in academic exchanges with students from Zhejiang A&F University in Suichang County.


During the event, the students visited the quaint and elegant Guanju Cultural Park, enjoyed Kunqu Opera performances, experienced intangible cultural heritage activities such as tie-dyeing and fluid fan making, deeply feeling the unique charm of Chinese culture. Amidst the green mountains and clear waters of Suichang Xiaodai Village, the students embraced nature and experienced traditional agricultural culture such as tea picking and handmade sticky rice cakes. After the activities, students from various countries gathered to taste tea, enjoy delicious food, and immerse themselves in the achievements of China's beautiful rural construction.


After the event, the students expressed that this study tour was very meaningful. They found Suichang to be beautiful, both in its scenery and culture, and they learned a lot about Chinese traditional culture while experiencing activities such as tea picking and tie-dyeing. They intend to share what they have learned about Chinese culture with their family and friends.


Just as spring brings forth myriad colors and shapes, and stars number in the thousands yet each shines uniquely, the beauty of the world lies not only in its diversity but also in sharing beauty and mutual learning. This study tour activity, through speaking, writing, painting, dyeing, and singing, conveys the sentiments of China, building a bridge for cultural exchange and communication for our international students.