LSU has added 5 Provincial-level First-class Undergraduate International Courses


Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education announced the list of the third batch of provincial-level first-class undergraduate international courses. Our university's application for 5 courses has been approved. As of now, our university has a total of 8 courses selected as provincial-level first-class undergraduate international courses, including 4 offline first-class courses and 4 hybrid online and offline first-class courses.

It is reported that a total of 210 provincial-level first-class undergraduate international courses have been recognized in the province this time, including 28 online first-class courses, 118 offline first-class courses, and 64 hybrid online and offline first-class courses.

Currently, our university offers three full-English-taught majors for international students in International Economics and Trade, Computer Science and Technology, and Nursing. In the next step, the university will continue to strengthen the quality construction of courses, establish the concept of student-centered growth, and focus on the characteristics of international students. Efforts will be made to build an innovative, contemporary, and effective first-class undergraduate international course system, solidly promoting the steady improvement of the teaching quality for international students.